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Step 1: Wash and dry your items inside out.
This is a simple but effective step in your washing routine that can help make your printed and personalised clothing last longer. By turning the items inside out you’re protecting the print and stopping other items from interfering with the design or damaging it.
Step 2: Wash your garment on a low temperature.
Washing on a low temperature is the most risk-free way to wash an item using your washing machine. High temperatures can damage items, so keeping your machine on a low-heat or cold wash can ensure the print and material are protected during the cycle.
Step 3: Do not add extra spins.
It’s tempting to add extra spins to your washing machine’s cycle, but we advise against it when washing printed garments.
Step 4: Do not tumble dry.
Air drying is always preferred when you’re cleaning and drying your personalised printed garments. The best way to dry these items is to air-dry them on a clothing drying rack, or outside on a washing line. These methods of drying give the best results and protect the printing.
Step 5: Always iron inside out.
Prints can get caught on irons and will often be damaged by direct heat – so always iron your garments inside out to protect them! We also recommend putting your iron down to a lower heat the first time you iron the item, so you do not accidentally apply too much heat to the area.
Abprint and Design will not accept any responsibility for any damage cause by the customer after washing.

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